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Traditional Thai Massage
30 Traditional Thai Massage 7.000
45 Traditional Thai Massage 9.000
60 Traditional Thai Massage 10.000
90 Traditional Thai Massage 13.000
Aromatic Oil Massage
30 Aromatic Oil Massage 8.000
45 Aromatic Oil Massage 10.00
60 Aromatic Oil Massage 13.000
90 Aromatic Oil Massage 15.000
Aromatic Oil Massage
Foot Massage
30 Foot Massage 6.000
45 Foot Massage 8.000
60 Foot Massage 9.000

Enjoy the ancient healing power of traditional Thai massage, surrender to this special method of stress release!

Traditional Thai massage – For vitality of the body

Thai massage is a modality from the Far East. It is a dry massage without oil or lotion, given through clothing, performed on a mattress placed on the floor. Its primary effect is a balancing of the body’s energetic system, achieved by our practitioners through exerting pressure on acupressure points using a specific sequence and method. In addition to their fingers, our masseurs also use the backs of their hands, their elbows, knees and feet. After the parts of the body are relaxed, joints are cracked.
Pressure on energy points stimulates internal organs, enhancing their operation, and balances the body’s energetic system.
With added stretches, it releases rigidity and stress in the muscles and joints and increases the body’s flexibility, while also having a beneficial effect on the skeleton and the vegetative nervous system.
The massage reduces stress and increases bodily flexibility, while the soul comes to experience peace. After the massage, we find it easier to move, muscle rigidity is eliminated, we feel flexible and rested.

Oily Thai massage – For peace of the soul

This is a variation on the traditional massage performed using oil. The special movements of the massage are still performed along energy meridians, but with the addition of aromatic oils selected to match the client’s mood to make for an even more complete experience of relaxation. The essential oils exert their effect by being absorbed through the skin and also smelt.
Oily massage stimulates circulation in blood vessels and the lymphatic system and relaxes the musculature. It detoxes, calms, releases stress and makes the skin silky and flexible. The essential oils bring complete refreshment not only for the body, but also for the soul.

It is recommended for recreation, as a substitute for exercise, and for reducing or eliminating motor problems and pains, for instance of the back, neck, the spine and the lower back.
Over a one or two-hour session of oily Thai massage, the body and the soul are regenerated and refreshed. The healing, relaxing effect of the oils is felt to the full if we do not take a shower for a few hours after the massage.

Foot reflexology massage – For the health of internal organs

The basic principle of reflexology massage is that all the organs of our body are connected with various areas on our soles. By massaging certain points on the foot, various organs can be soothed or stimulated directly, while the pain elicited by pressure on those points allows conclusions to be drawn about dysfunctions of the individual organs.

Foot massage can not only stimulate and increase the activity of internal organs, it can also have a soothing, healing effect on headaches, tensions, exhaustion, asthma, constipation, inflammations and migraine. It restores vascular and lymphatic circulation, improves condition and stamina. It detoxes, promotes the decomposition of wastes and toxins and enhances the body’s capacity for self-protection. It rejuvenates us and makes us live longer. It can be used by all age groups, it is completely harmless and free of side-effects.
During foot massage, we massage the reflex points of the soles and the calf. The massage is given in a comfortable armchair. Our masseur uses the hands, the fingers and a special wooden stick, with lotion and oil.

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